5th Manufacturers Conference for Development and Growth

Manufacturers Association of Israel

the Manufacturers Association of Israel will be holding, for the 5th consecutive year, a conference for the development and growth of industry that focuses on innovative solutions in the fields of management, finance and strategy for business development and growth of industry, alongside effective solutions and tools for industrial management.  The conference will be attended by executive manufacturers as well as by leading experts and policy makers from the Israeli industry.  The conference will be held on June 18, 2012 at the Leonardo City Tower Hotel in the Ramat Gan stock exchange compound.


The target audience of the conference: close to 400 chairmen of industrial plants, CEOs of industrial plants, CFOs, finance directors and controllers in industrial plants, encompassing companies with turnovers of NIS 70-200 million: medium-sized and big –sized  companies engaged in traditional industries, such as plastics and polymers, metal and food, military industries as well as industrial plants, including Kibbutz industries, as well as companies with turnovers of several millions that are engaged in technological and manufacturing industries in the fields of high-tech, electronics and electricity, water and renewable energy.



The issues to be discussed in the 2012 conference include:


¯  the benefits and advantages available to Israeli manufacturers opening a plant and doing business abroad

¯  Use of practical solutions to cut back plant costs.

¯  Practical solutions for industry in the form of bank financing, off-bank financing and financing aid programs of the Export Institute and Government funds and institutions.  

¯  Mergers and acquisitions.

¯  The expansion of Israeli industry to global markets.

¯  Development of infrastructure for the advancement of Israeli industry.

¯  Environmental quality - the Packaging Law and its implications on Israeli industry.


For more information and sponsorship to the conference please contect :972-8-9264113