Oppenheimer’s 13th Annual Israeli Conference

David Intercontinental Hotel Tel-Aviv, Sunday, May 13, 2012


Oppenheimer’s 13th Annual Israeli Conference will be held at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel-Aviv on Sunday, May 13, 2012, in partnership with Nasdaq OMX .


The target audience of the conference: close to 500 chairmen, CEOs , CFOs, finance directors and controllers in Israeli Hi Tech companies traded in the Nasdaq OMX stock market, senior private bankers, financial institution include insurance companies, pension funds, provident funds, mutual funds, banks and  venture capitals.


The conference will be attended and covered by the media as well as by the public relations representatives of Oppenheimer.  The conference will also be publicized in the press and in the mailing and communication channels of Oppenheimer and in other leading communication channels.



30 companies attended this year’s conference, in either 6 professional panels or presentations (see list attached).


In addition, in response to the growing interest in foreign markets among Israeli investors, we hosted several senior analysts, including Ms. Meredith Whitney, Senior Analyst of Large-Cap Banks & Brokers, and Mr. Fadel Gheit, Senior Analyst of Oil & Gas Industry.


The conference attracted more than 500 participants as well as large media coverage.


Every Israeli financial institution was invited to this conference. The broad-based list of guests included insurance companies, pension funds, provident funds, mutual funds, banks, venture capitalists, and money managers.


Strategic Partner: NASDAQ OMX


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