The gateway to conferences of executives and decision makers in Israel: is specialize in the expansion and optimization of the potential of events, conferences, the various channels of communication and mailing lists  of unions and business organizations, niche-websites and non-profit organizations. As part of our activities we assist in the recruitment of sponsorships and the introduction of marketing and advertising into the communication channels in order to achieve optimal income for the organization from such channels. We also specialize in obtaining sponsorships and advertisements for annual bulletins and newsletters and their presentation alongside professional marketing content.


 The entities that are represented by enjoy, in the ordinary course of their business, opportunities of exposure to high-quality and segmented target audiences, such as: CEOs, CFOs, CPAs, directors and owners of medium and large enterprises, Kibbutz managers, HR directors, senior representatives of entities in the capital market, as well as finance and government executives.


Upcoming conferences in Israel:


The 3rd Directors’ Conference of the Kibbutz Industry Association

The 5th Industry Development Conference

The Annual Economic Conference for Overseas Investments

The Annual Conference of the Kibbutz Industry Association


Our customers in Israel include:



The Caesarea Forum

Manufacturers’ Association of Israel



The activities are managed by Adi Cohen, former event manager for the Forbes Israel financial magazine, who holds a B.A. as well as a diploma in management and resource development from the Israel Management Center. In recent years, he has been focusing on marketing and advertising in connection with events and conferences that are designated for specific and niche target audiences, websites and written media.


We provide the following services to our customers:


  •  Inclusion of the customers in conferences, seminars, bulletins, booklets and magazines as well as websites that are designated for the desired target audience
  •  Creating optimal presence for the customer and its operations
  •  Assistance in establishing a beneficial exposure strategy
  • Assistance in the formulation of an appropriate business plan for strengthening the position of the brand among its principal target audiences
  •  Assistance in the business development of the customer among existing and potential customers
  •  Management and guidance of the process through to its successful completion

The advantages of conference sponsorship a conference in Israel:

  • Direct contact with potential customers:  focalized exposure of the customer’s products and solutions and personal acquaintance with the right person.
  • Frontal exposure of the product:  introducing the customer’s products into the conceptual world and awareness of the participants. 
  • Penetration of the customer’s home turf:  achieving a better understanding of the customer’s business environment. 
  • Tangibility of the product and the solution: an opportunity to personally and physically experience the product and its performance. 
  • Retaining existing customers while making an initial contact with new customers - in a targeted audience that has a present or future interest in the product.

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